Finding Your Way towards Higher Education

Finding Your Way towards Higher Education

Finding Your Way towards Higher Education

Paying for school can be a real challenge when it is simply not in your budget. With financial aid rates at their highest, students are beginning to feel pushed away from pursuing their dreams because of the cost. The good news is, if you obtain really good grades in school, get involved in a lot of activities, among other things, you may just be able to get a scholarship in your program of choice. Keep reading to find out more about two in-demand career fields as well as their scholarship opportunities.

Veterinary Medicine Scholarships

Veterinarians get the rewarding experience of caring for sick animals. However, obtaining a degree in veterinary medicine can be very costly. Then it is definitely a good thing that there are several different types of scholarships that are available for students working towards their degree. If you are currently enlisted in the U.S. Army, there are full-tuition scholarships available for students pursuing any type of degree. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation provides scholarship opportunities for students pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. You must be attending your first, second, or third year of college in order to qualify.

In addition to receiving full-scholarships, there are many programs that offer partial scholarships. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation also offers students partial scholarships from the Winn Feline Foundation which can add up to about $2,500. There are a number of other scholarship opportunities available for students who want to be veterinarians.

Petroleum Engineering Scholarships

Petroleum Engineers are responsible for finding new sources of oil and gas for our use. It requires a great deal of training which can only mean that the tuition is typically high. The Society of Petroleum Engineers gives away more than one million dollars away in scholarships for future petroleum engineers. They have the Gus Archie Scholarship, Nico van Wingen Graduate Fellowship, as well as many others listed on their website. They pride themselves on being able to help students majoring in petroleum engineering pay for college.

There are also a number of other scholarships available for potential petroleum engineers. If you choose to attend Texas A&M, Stanford University, Colorado School of Mines, or the University of Alaska, you will find that there are numerous scholarship opportunities available. Many of these scholarships are sponsored by industry sources. All of these schools are some of the best in the country.


Regardless of your career field of choice, there is always help available when it comes to paying for college. Don’t give up on your dream simply because you think you can’t afford it. There are many opportunities available to students who work hard and deserve it the most.

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Is Online Education the Next Big Thing?

Is Online Education the Next Big Thing?

Is Online Education the Next Big Thing?

Online education opportunities have given students the benefit of taking college courses when they normally would not have been able to. It provides students with the opportunity to keep up with their busy day-to-day lives while also fulfilling their dreams. Regardless of the profession you wish to study in, you will find a school that offers you numerous online education opportunities. Listed below are two different career opportunities and the online degree programs that are available for your convenience as well as to enhance your learning experience.


Criminologists are responsible for assisting in the capture of criminals by studying their psychological profiles. It is a very rewarding career field to get into with many opportunities on the horizon. Another perk is that you can now obtain your criminology degree online and at a much faster pace. Florida State University has an online Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program for students who are pursuing a criminology degree. Their online Bachelor’s degree program allows students to think critically and solve problems in order to assist in criminal cases. They provide students with the opportunity to have the flexibility of online coursework while still pursuing their dreams.

Arizona State University also has an excellent online Bachelor’s degree program in criminal justice and criminology. They provide students with the benefit of learning about the criminal justice system as well as corrections, law enforcement, as well as the court system. It teaches students how to be analytical in complex criminal justice situations.

Mortuary Science

Students who study mortuary science are looking to become funeral directors and run their own funeral homes. The Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science offers an online degree program for students pursuing a mortuary science degree. They offer students a diploma program in embalming and funeral directing which is only a 60 credit program. This program is a good choice for students who want to work in a funeral home but aren’t ready to become a funeral director.

Students can also obtain their Associate’s degree in Funeral Service Arts & Sciences which is a more in-depth program that prepares them for the responsibilities of being a funeral director. Students will be required to take courses in Funeral Management, Cremation, Embalming, as well as Basic Communication Skills. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to study mortuary science.

Online Education – The Easy Way

Online education has given students the opportunity to pursue their dreams without ever leaving their home. Now working mothers and people with busy lives can also work towards a rewarding degree with many opportunities. It has become much easier for individuals who wish to fulfill their dreams to do so at their own pace.

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Does It Pay To Be Your Boss?

Does It Pay To Be Your Boss?

Does It Pay To Be Your Boss?

If you are motivated by a strong desire to help heal people, then you should consider a career in the world of healthcare. Those who love children and want to work with them might want to become pediatricians, while those inspired to use technology in the pursuit of medical care can aspire to be radiologists. Whichever your chosen career, you must research all the aspects of your job before making a final decision!

Let us first take a look at the field of pediatrics. If working with children to keep them healthy is what you want to do, then becoming a pediatrician could be your calling. Pediatricians prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases in young children and teenagers. The job includes vaccinations, general examinations, prescribing medication, educating families, and the provision of emergency care. If you want to become a pediatrician, it is worth carefully considering and learning about the many aspects of the profession. In order to become a pediatrician, you will have to first complete an undergraduate degree program after graduating from high school. The next step is medical school, followed by pediatric residency and, optionally, a fellowship subspecialty.

The long years spent earning these qualifications can certainly be worth it in the end thanks to the high salaries offered to pediatricians. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of a general pediatrician was USD 155,000 a year in 2012. According to other estimates, in 2013 this figure was USD 173,000. Salary variations occur due to industry and state. For example, pediatricians can earn the most money in Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Nebraska. The best paying industries, meanwhile, include outpatient care and the offices of other health practitioners. Those who specialize in a sub-field can earn as much as USD 395,000 annually according to some sources. Do remember that as a pediatrician you may have to work long, erratic hours. Fewer doctors are going solo at the present time, but setting up your own pediatric practice can also be a rewarding although challenging task. It is important to plan ahead and research the risks before doing so – when done right, however, this can be an extremely profitable and satisfying venture.

Radiologists use medical imaging technology and radioactivity to identify and treat illness. Their jobs include a number of tasks, including the following: operating imaging technology equipment, obtaining high-quality images, assessing the images to diagnose health problems, documenting patient information, carrying out radiation therapy, and prescribing medication. It is essential to keep up with the latest technology in this field because the capabilities are continually evolving. Becoming a radiologist entails spends approximately 13 years in education and training. After high school, you will need to complete an undergraduate degree program, followed by four years in medical school, internship, and residency.

Radiologists enjoy one of the highest wages in the healthcare field. As per one survey, the average annual salary of a radiologist in the USD is approximately USD 350,000. Wages do vary depending on specialization, experience, and location. For instance, specializing in radiation oncology or ultrasonography can result in higher wages. According to some estimates, non-interventional radiologists earned USD 461,250 and interventional radiologists earned a median salary of USD 492,102 in 2011. On the other hand, radiologists have very busy schedules – the job can require them to put in about 50 hours a week and work at unconventional times and on weekends and holidays. Jobs in this field are predicted to grow by 24 percent between 2010 and 2020. Setting up your own radiology business is also an option. Remember, in order to be successful it is important to combine business acumen along with medical knowledge and expertise.

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A Blood Drawing Professional

A Blood Drawing Professional

A Blood Drawing Professional

When one thinks of the medical world, our thoughts generally turn to doctors and nurses. However, there are many other medical professions that are a critical part of healthcare. Take, for example, the job of a phlebotomist. The main responsibility of phlebotomists is to draw blood for purposes such as transfusion, testing, research, and donation – and to maintain the integrity of the collected blood. The job involves a number of responsibilities: maintaining all the equipment required for blood extraction, checking the patient’s vital signs, determining the best method of extraction based on the patient, labeling the specimen, handling the transport to the laboratory, and documenting all procedures. Patient interaction is a big part of the job. Since many people become extremely nervous or scared at the prospect of having their blood drawn, phlebotomists need to be comforting, friendly, and sympathetic in order to put their patients at ease. Thus, good people skills are an essential part of the job, along with the technical skill required to draw the sample correctly.

As a phlebotomist, you may work at a clinic, lab, hospital, or blood donation center. You will likely work with people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, although if you are assigned to a specific hospital department you may focus on one particular age group. For example, working on the maternity floor will mean you will draw blood mainly from infants and new mothers. Phlebotomists work full time and, given the 24-hour nature of healthcare services, may be expected to work on weekends or at erratic hours such as nighttime. To become a qualified phlebotomist, you will need to obtain a certificate or associate’s degree from a phlebotomy program. Training programs are generally a few months long, although some accelerated programs can also be completed in less time. The course will typically arrange a clinical period for you, where you will train for a certain number of hours. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate. Keep in mind that training requirements differ from state to state so you should find out the criteria of the state you want to work in.

You may be wondering whether this is well paying career. As per PayScale, USD 13.36 is the average hourly wage for a phlebotomist. According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of a phlebotomist in the country is USD 29,730. Those who have credentials from accredited educational institutions can expect higher than average wages. Salaries can also vary depending on factors such as industry and location. For instance, phlebotomists in urban locales fare better than their rural counterparts – although this difference in salary may be offset by the variation in cost of living. The top paying states are Alaska, California, Delaware, Rhode Island, and New York. Industries that offer the highest salaries include specialty hospitals, insurance carriers, state governments, wholesale pharmacy, and home health care. Diagnostic labs pay better than hospitals or physicians’ offices. Those who are particularly adept at specimen processing may be able to get higher salaries. The future employment scenario for phlebotomists looks good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees a growth of 27 percent in jobs over the decade from 2012 to 2022. This translates into roughly 27,100 new jobs. Thus, aspiring phlebotomists can look forward to a bright job market in the future.

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Hitting The Target In Higher Education

Hitting The Target In Higher Education

Hitting The Target In Higher Education

If you love firearms and the prospect of making sure they work exactly the way they are supposed to, then you may be considering a career as a gunsmith! As a gunsmith, you would repair, modify, design, and build guns with the ultimate aim of ensuring high safety standards and proper functioning. Gunsmiths are employed at factories that make firearms, armories owned by law enforcement and military agencies, sporting goods stores, and independent gunsmith shops (either as an owner or an employee).

Gunsmiths can specialize in certain areas of gunsmithing; for example, the customization of guns as requested by customers. They can also work in other fields that require their skills, for example the crafting of wooden furniture. According to 2012 data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics gunsmiths fall in the category of metal and plastic machine workers – their annual median salary is estimated at USD 31,910. As per other estimates, the average annual salary of a gunsmith is USD 36,267. Based on state, industry, experience, and specialty, wages can vary. For instance, in states where hunting is a popular pastime, such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Montana, the services of gunsmiths are in high demand and the salaries tend to be higher – up to between USD 61,000 and USD 79,000 a year. Those who are self employed make the most money although they have to do without the fringe benefits offered by big firms. Specializations may also affect remuneration. Aspiring gunsmiths typically complete either a certification course or an associate’s degree program in gunsmithing.

There are a number of reputed schools for gunsmithing students in the US, including Yavapai College, Colorado School of Trades, Community College of the Air Force, Murray State College, Trinidad State Junior College, and Piedmont Community College. Each school has its own unique strengths. For instance, Yavapai College offers several different courses in gunsmithing wherein students can study various techniques including stockmaking, metal refinishing, and rifle theory. At Piedmont Technical College, students can learn in a massive 6,000 square foot machine shop and can choose either evening or day classes. At the Colorado School of Trades, a hands-on approach helps students to hone their practical skills in the biggest gunsmithing shop in the US. The school offers a 14-month associate’s degree. Lenoir Community College has a similarly real-world approach towards teaching students. At Murray State College, students must compete with many others for the twenty seats in the two-year program, which includes the opportunity to go on field trips and attend conferences.

For students who need financial assistance in order to pay for their gunsmithing education and training, there are a number of scholarships and grants available. These are offered by non-profit organizations, private companies, and higher education institutes. For instance, the American Custom Gunmakers Guild Education Foundation, which values custom gunmaking, offers scholarships for gunsmithing students to pay their educational costs. The American Pistolsmiths Guild’s merit-based scholarships are open to students who are at least halfway through their coursework. Students can also apply for financial assistance from the Brownells Gunsmithing Scholarships and the National Rifle Association Foundation. The Colorado School of Trades, Pennsylvania University, and various other schools also offer scholarships to students who are enrolled in their programs – these funds can go a long way in helping you meet your educational expenses.

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Exploring The Benefits Of Therapy

Exploring The Benefits Of Therapy

Exploring The Benefits Of Therapy

Occupational therapists work with injured, ill, or disabled people to help them attain independence in their daily lives. Focusing on rehabilitation techniques, an occupational therapist spends time with patients with the goal of accomplishing everyday tasks successfully. The job involves a number of duties, including assessing a patient’s limitations and requirements, building a treatment plan, demonstrating and assisting with exercises, optimizing the home/office of a patient, working with families to educate them, and monitoring and recording progress. Occupational therapists work with a range of patients, including children facing developmental difficulties. This is a highly rewarding career for those who are motivated to help people. Dedication, empathy, and patience are important factors for success in this field. Aspiring occupational therapists will need to spend around five to six years in higher education and training. The profession requires a background in anatomy, biology, sociology, and psychology. You will need at least a master’s degree in occupational therapy in order to become a licensed practitioner. While it is possible to gain admission into a master’s degree program without a bachelor’s degree, an undergraduate education gives students a solid foundation.

The US has a number of excellent schools offering reputed programs in occupational therapy, including the University of Southern California, Washington University, University of Illinois, Colorado State University, and New York University. Each school comes with its own offerings and advantages. For instance, the University of Southern California has a top ranked occupational therapy program, which is considered among the most diverse in the country. Students can specialize in sub-fields such as rehabilitation medicine and pediatrics. Boston University, meanwhile, is marked by an interdisciplinary approach and solid research. This small school gives students the chance to learn in a personalized environment. The highly ranked Washington University provides similarly personalized instruction to students thanks to its low faculty to student ratio. Students who are interested in research and community research can find what they are looking for at Colorado State University, while those who want to learn through pioneering instructional techniques can apply to Thomas Jefferson University, which provides the opportunity to work on simulated patients and in diverse fieldwork contexts. Occupational therapists who want to become leaders in their field can apply for a Doctor of Occupational Therapy program at the University of Illinois. This program is available in a fully online format at Boston University as well.

It is widely known that higher education in the US can prove to be extremely expensive. Fortunately, budding occupational therapists can apply for financial assistance through numerous scholarships and grants. The American Occupational Therapy Foundation is one of the biggest sponsors of scholarships meant specifically for occupation therapy students. Each year, over 50 scholarships are offered, with reward sums ranging from USD 150 to USD 5,000. Occupational therapy majors in Missouri can apply for scholarships administered by the Missouri Occupational Therapy Association, while those in Florida should look at assistance provided by the Florida Occupational Therapy Association. The University of Washington’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine also offers grants and fellowships for students enrolled in their program, as does the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. Your eligibility may depend on financial background, academic merit, minority status, etc. In addition, occupational therapy students can apply for a wide range of federally administered scholarships that are open for various subjects, such as the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students.

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The Perks Of Being An Animal Healer

The Perks Of Being An Animal Healer

The Perks Of Being An Animal Healer

Veterinarians are medical specialists who work to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases in animals, from vaccinating them to performing complex surgeries. Their job responsibilities include the following: educate owners about how to best care for their animals, identify health problems, prescribe medication, perform hygiene procedures and surgeries, and euthanize sick animals. As a veterinarian, you could work at a clinic, zoo, ranch, farm, or laboratory. You may also be involved in research and education. There are various specialties in the field of veterinary medicine, including dentistry, cardiology, pharmacology, radiology, toxicology, and zoological medicine. Veterinarians can also specialize in working with a particular species. For example, canine and feline veterinarians focus on cats and dogs, dairy veterinarians work primarily with cows that produce milk, and avian veterinarians care for birds.

If you want to become a veterinarian, you must be prepared to spend between six and twelve years in education and training in order to gain the requisite qualifications. Opting for accelerated programs can allow students to complete the process in six to seven years while those who want to specialize further may spend anywhere from ten to twelve years studying. High school graduates should first earn a bachelor’s degree program (preferably with a focus on a related subject like science or biology), followed by a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine. The curriculum at veterinary school generally covers anatomy, physiology, toxicology, virology, immunology, pathology, genetics, toxicology, behavior, and veterinary ethics. Before practicing, you may also need to obtain a license depending on your chosen state and industry.

Students in the US can consider applying to a number of reputed schools that offer programs in veterinary medicine, including Texas A & M University, University of Georgia, Michigan State University, University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell University. Every school has its own advantages and offerings. For example, students at Ohio State University can access the biggest veterinary medical center with a clinical trials office in the country, while those at the University of Pennsylvania can opt for one of two available campuses – the Philadelphia campus has an animal hospital for students who want to focus on domestic animals while the rural campus allows access to farm animals. Cornell University offers the top-ranked veterinary medicine programs in the US; thus, admission is extremely competitive. The school offers opportunities for clinical rotations, internships, and residency. Texas A&M University has one of the biggest veterinary medicine colleges with a doctoral program dedicated to research – the school has cloned more animals than any other in the world! At Michigan State University, students can gain valuable experience in treating infectious diseases and cancer thanks to the veterinary teaching hospital with a large caseloads.

Gaining the educational qualifications needed to become a practicing veterinarian can prove extremely expensive and not everyone can afford the thousands of dollars in tuition and fees, not to mention living expenses. Fortunately, there are numerous scholarships available for students of veterinary medicine, providing a great way to get much-needed financial assistance. For instance, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation sponsors an Animal Health Student Scholarship Program that offers scholarships to first, second, and third year students attending an accredited veterinary medicine school. In addition, they award USD 2,500 to a third or fourth year student who wants to focus on caring for cats. The US Army Veterinary Corps sponsors a full-tuition scholarship along with a monthly allowance for s student who commits to military training and reserve service. The Winner’s Circle Scholarship Program is open to veterinary students who want to specialize in equine veterinary medicine. There are numerous other scholarships with varying eligibility criteria.

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Is BackBlaze The Real Winner?

Is BackBlaze The Real Winner?

Is BackBlaze The Real Winner?

Cloud storage is an easy way for you to save information on the internet. Files such as music, documents, photos, you name it, they can be safely stored without any worries on your end. Anywhere you go where there is an internet connection you are able to gain access to your files. It is an awesome way for people who are on the go to always have access to their data and files without worrying about them being compromised. Many people think that having security like this would cost a lot of cash but it really doesn’t. There are many affordable options out there for whatever you are looking for when it comes to cloud storage.

Dropbox is one of the most popular and easy-to-use cloud storage programs on the web. It is available for business and for personal use and they even offer a free trial to get you started. You can store as many images as you would like with access to those images anywhere you go. You can take Dropbox with you on your mobile device and save your images right as you take them! You get 2GB of space for free with file sharing and access from any location. $9.99 monthly gets you 1TB of space and if you sign up for a business account at $15.00 per user per month you receive unlimited storage and top notch support.

OneDrive is also another good option for you. You can start out with 7GB of space for free and only requires you to have a Windows Live account. This automatically comes with Office Online and you have the ability to create, share, and edit documents of any format on any device that you have handy.  And for businesses they provide you with 1TB of storage space to help you organize your data as well as keep it safe from hackers.

One great option for cloud storage is BackBlaze. You can have unlimited storage cloud usage for $5 a month. You can back up data via an external hard drive and it will cost you nothing extra. It is completely secure and encrypted and gives you the option to back up your data via your mobile device with your easy to use BackBlaze app.  This is a wonderful option for those of you who would like to take your documents with you wherever you go. This is also a good cloud storage option for Mac computers as well. All of the current BackBlaze reviews praise it for it’s easy to use mobile app.

There are all awesome options for you as far as cloud storage is concerned. Knowing which one to choose simply depends on how much storage you need as well as the reputation of the business. If you have a lot of different files that you would like to keep safe I would recommend getting started with one of these cloud storage programs today.

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Living Life As A DJ

liveThere are a lot of aspiring DJs out there that want to become known, play big venues, and ultimately turn into superstars. The unfortunate reality of this however is that most DJs never get big. But not because it’s not realistic, but because they don’t want to. Most DJs use their talent and their art to make some pretty decent money, and they’re happy with that. As a DJ you have control over your career. You get to market yourself however you want to, and you get to make your options when it comes to educating yourself. Now that electronic music is becoming more and more popular, schools around the world are starting to include actual DJ schools that teach, educate, and provide the opportunities for students to express themselves musically.

Even though it’s a rather new field, there are already schools out there that are known as being the top DJ schools. Full Sail Real World Education right now is a name that you should know because of the work that they have done, and the DJs that they have produced. During your time there you will learn not just the musical side, which includes picking playlists, modding songs, and knowing all the effects involved with DJ’ing, but then there is the marketing aspect. DJs must be able to market themselves, establish connections with clients, venues, and people. Also, DJs should also know some broadcasting skills, because there is a good demand for DJs who know broadcasting.

As a DJ, you have to be passionate about what you’re doing. Any place in the music world is going to be cut-throat because of how much competition is out there. With that said, as long you stay passionate, work hard, and definitely keep striving to improve your brand, then you will pleased with the results. Most DJs make around $30,000 a year, but the market is so unpredictable. You are so reliant on the audience, venues, and people liking your work so it really becomes a coin-toss as to how much money you will make. Knowing how to market yourself well will do you wonders though, which is why going to school and learning the ins-and-outs of being a DJ, and the business aspect of the job, is so crucial to your success.


Will Music Lead The Way?

pavi-ad_1-1170x500Music is often a powerful force in everyone’s lives. Whether we use music as simply means for entertainment, or whether we go to music for more an emotional connection, music still has a very powerful presence on everyone’s life. For some people, music is a path that they want to adventure down and possibly find a career in. If this is you, then you might be contemplating a lot of different options in regards to where you will want to end up. There are a lot of different occupations that all involve music; not everyone has to be a musician. Here are things to consider, and some steps to take to make sure that music leads you down the right path for you.

First of all, I highly advise going to school for music. Music students are among the happiest students on campus because they get to learn about the very they love every single day. Furthermore, music is a very expansive topic that can be looked at through many different perspectives. You have the history of music, different music styles, instruments, composition, theory, etc. And then you have more of the technical aspect of music; like music production, engineering, etc. If you are interested in something like music production, then take a look at some of the top music productions schools and see if any of them might interest you.

Music producers play a very crucial part in today’s musical field. Some of them are known to make quite a bit of money, but by far the best perk of the job is being able to not just listen to music all day, but be able to work with music, change it, impact it, and ultimately produce it. In order to be a music producer you have to be sociable and be able to communicate with other musicians. Because of this, you must know some music lingo. This will all be taken care of with experience, but also classroom time in good, reputable schools. Music producers are known for putting in long hours, but most of the time they are so involved with their work that they don’t realize it. If this interests you, then definitely look for a way to get involved!